Looks like the spider’s caught himself a couple of flies…

Greetings friend, and welcome to meatheadmedia.com, I’m Mike Montone, and this is my website. Is this the voice I’m supposed to blog in? I really have no clue. I’ve blogged before…poorly, and I hope to do a better job of it this time. Let’s see how it goes, but first a little bit about myself.

In my professional life I’m a producer for the Jim Norton And Sam Roberts Show on Sirius XM’s Faction Talk 103. Which roughly makes us the best show on Sirius’ best channel, although that opinion may be slightly biased. Prior to joining the fellas on the Jim and Sam show, I spent 8 years resisting the urge to throw myself out of a 10th floor window while churning out web copy for 1010 WINS. Don’t get me wrong, there are some great people over there at New York’s only all news station, but it’s hard to go to work every day for the better part of a decade and pretend to give a fuck about the copy you’re writing about a water-main break on the Upper West Side. And frankly I felt pretty gross writing catchy headlines, meant to fool the news consuming public into wasting their time reading our latest scoop on metal detectors in public schools, or a Honda Civic hopping a curb and knocking over a fruit stand in Red Hook — it was all fucking drivel and I’m glad to be done with it.

Curiously, my peers seemed to love doing their jobs. I found it to be such a bore that I’d fill the hours before my evening newsroom shift lifting weights, drinking bourbon, smoking weed, and raw-dogging thick-ass cheeks. One New Year’s Eve I was stuck working until 10, so I took some molly in the bathroom during the last hour of my shift in hopes that it would kick in by the time I got to the club — I had pre-gamed with booze during work plenty of times, and I regularly stepped outside to hit the vape, so it didn’t seem like too much of a leap, but we’ll save those tales for a rainy day.

Maybe I could never give the news industry a fair shake. It was a total downshift from my previous occupation as an officer in the United States Marine Corps — a job that I performed as either an all-star or a complete shit bag depending on who you ask. The Marine Corps is an enigma. Most guys will spend 4 years cursing it like a motherfucker until the day they get out. Then you get some time and some distance from the big green weenie and you learn to love it again. And there may be no more apropos nickname for the Corps than the big green weenie. Not only is it a clever euphemism for getting buttfucked by the chain of command, but it describes the organization to a T. I mean there are dicks everywhere in the Marine Corps. At OCS and bootcamp we shower nuts-to-butts, there are multiple pieces of equipment known as ‘donkey dicks’, we have a guy named ‘the pecker checker’ because he’s tasked with staring at your penis while you make a tinkle in a cup for drug tests, and they frequently deploy us to countries like Thailand and the Philippines where penises are so common that even many of the women have them. Yes, for an organization that scores of young men join with visions of slamming patriotic pussy, there is an awful lot of cock in the Marine Corps.

So I was bored as shit working in news, and basically counting the days until the weekend when I could once again hop a train down the shore to breakup the tedium with massive amounts of booze and stimulants — adderal, coke, and Monster energy drink to be precise. Well, actually my first few years in news I had to work weekends, so I would race between the Jersey shore and the West Village, half-ass my shift at work, and get back down the shore in time to rip a few shots, lick some crushed up MDMA out of a tinfoil packet, and rage with my friends. Anyway, I was frustrated and struggling to find an on-air gig in radio when I said ‘fuck it’ I’m starting a podcast. Eventually, after years of self-doubt and neglecting various aspects of my social life and mental well-being I landed where I am now, and I couldn’t be happier.

Outside of talking shit into a microphone, I am a consummate meathead. I picked up my first weight in elementary school, became obsessed in high school as I trained for football and track, and haven’t looked back. I read a lot, as a hobby, and to make up for all the shit I neglected to pay attention to during my years at university. Oh yeah, and I also love comedy and electronic music, I have been teaching myself to mix old-timey cocktails, and I dabble in a little bit of cooking (these last two are mostly just to help me get laid).

With that said; welcome and be sure to click around, and checkout my podcast The Savage Sacktap and various other blog posts, social media pages, and etc.

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