Man Stabbed To Death In Times Square Dave And Busters As NYC Continues Descent In Feudal Medieval Village

“London is satisfied, Paris is resigned, but New York is always hopeful. Always it believes that something good is about to come off, and it must hurry to meet it.” —Dorothy Parker, writer and founding member of the Algonquin Round Table (1893-1967)

New York City, where the average rent for a one bedroom apartment tops $4,000 in some neighborhoods, proved itself once again to be a lawless shithole earlier this month when a man was stabbed to death inside of a Times Square Dave And Busters.

A 39-year-old man was stabbed to death at Dave & Buster’s in Times Square in a fight over a prize late Saturday — and a career criminal is now charged with his murder.

Police sources said Jesse Armstrong, 41, who has nearly a dozen prior busts, allegedly stabbed Alan Stamford after the two got into a beef over a prize box around 10:45 p.m.

Surveillance video allegedly showed that Stamford dropped the box he was trying to put back on the shelf and it fell near Armstrong, who was with a woman and some children, sources said.

Armstrong’s relationship with the woman and children is not known.

Stamford then slugged Armstrong, who pulled out “an object” and stabbed the victim in the chest, mortally wounding him, the sources said.

“They were in the prize redemption area and they got into a verbal dispute,” one source told The Post. “This is based on a security video.”

Back in my younger, more energetic days when going out for the night was always a huge deal, I’d spend a good chunk of my pregame time wondering what adventures the evening might have in store; drugs, vomiting, women, pizza, public urination, gatorade, bad breath — a night on the town is filled with endless possibilities, but the thought of stabbing a man to death in a family friendly restaurant/arcade never really crossed my mind.

Different strokes for different strokes it would seem. I really don’t understand how you go out for the night with a woman and, per the Post’s report, children, and somehow find yourself stabbing a man to death 10 ft away from where said kids are preparing to exchange paper tickets for cheaply made sweatshop trinkets. During our workup for Iraq, one of the things we were taught is that stabbing someone to death is one of the most intimate ways to kill a person, it’s up there with drowning them in a bathtub, strangling them with an extension cord, or smothering them with a pillow — real up close and personal, and not something typically done to a stranger in a fun, sports bar style setting.

In this case, the killer literally plunged a knife into his opponent’s chest. That’s how they killed people during mutual combat in Game of Thrones, or this Netflix series about the Danes and Saxons that I’ve been watching, but it’s not how we expect people to comport themselves in the year 2022 in a city that refers to itself as the world’s greatest. But maybe New York really is spiraling down a rabbit hole that ends with the island of Manhattan turning into 10th century Wessex. There are people shitting in the streets, people sleeping in piles of filth on the side of the road, meat being cooked by Arabs on open air rotisseries, rats everywhere, the local authorities ride around on horseback, and ne’er do wells maraud around the neighborhood running people through with blades. Would anyone really be shocked to turn on the news and see a report about Bubonic plague spreading through vagrants in Hell’s Kitchen? People from flyover country regularly come to Times Square to get married, maybe Mayor Adams should start dropping in on the ceremonies to declare prima nocta. If nothing else Tucker Carlson would have a field day with it – “Oh yeah, visit New York City, where you’re not allowed to carry a gun because the democratic mayor wants to deflower your bride”

This stabbing took place in the same Dave And Busters where a man was mugged just about a year ago (not mugged outside of the Dave And Busters, but inside of the establishment). It might be the ultimate mark of a shithole city that Dave And Busters is regularly the scene of violent crime. It was one thing to go to Times Square and get stabbed in the 1980s. Back then you were intentionally visiting a den of vice and sin and lawlessness. You knew going in that a stabbing was very much on the table, and if you weren’t willing to factor that into your plans you avoided the neighborhood altogether. These days they call Times Square “Disney World”, and there are similarities to be sure — both have actors walking around dressed as Mickey Mouse — but ultimately the advantage goes to Orlando which sees far less annual bloodshed.

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