The Savage Sacktap

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  • Are you masked, are you vaxxed, are you mad at Simone Biles? What a goddamn week in America, it’s summer and we should be on the beach, but we’re cranking up the self-induced outrage instead. Get a hobby cocksuckers – might I recommend listening to podcasts? We’re ready to squeeze out a steamy one. A […]
  • I’m feeling  a bit sluggish after a day basting in the sun on the beach. The good news; I have a killer tan, the better news, I have a guest tonight to make things easier on me. Teenage vandals are running amok, people are giving up millions of dollars to dig into their stance on […]
  • I did my best editing to overcome voice modulation caused by my floor fan. Gimme a break it's hot out. The summertime blues, sounds like a load of shit! Who could be sad when the beach is filled with fat asses, and Big Fuckin Tits! Put your toes in some pussy and get your cock […]
  • I’m taking a nice fat week off from life, no show next Friday so drink it in while you can cocksuckers and tit fuckers. Cosby is celebrating his Independence. Andy Dick is being Andy Dick. Plane crashes, flame cooked meat, and much more on the way. A fresh episode of the Savage Sacktap, starts now […]
  • DISCLAIMER: Due to operator error (microphone positioning) the audio for this one came out all messed up. It sounds like I have a very deep voice and is a tad skippy. Deal with it. Carl Nassib is known for wrapping up quarterbacks, he better wrap up his wiener too or he might catch a nasty […]
  • Lin Manuel Miranda’s ‘In The Heights’ – a cringy musical that tries too hard to be hip and woke? Or a cringy musical that tries too hard to be hip and woke while excluding members of the Afro LatinX community…maybe it’s both. And maybe one day vagrants will stop shitting on the subway and whacking […]
  • We would like to remind New York City’s angel dust using schizophrenics to please stop attack old Asian ladies, we would also like to remind you to listen to a fresh episode of the Savage Sacktap; we're talkin exonerated pedo suspects, naughty language, hunting human beings, banging the uncontacted tribes of the Amazon and so […]
  • Another little Asian woman brutally attacked in de Blasio’s New York, it’s a shithole out there folks! Good news is, in here we’re livin the dream. It’s the White Boy Summer, I’m down the shore, and there are cheeseballs, racist balls, and big asses on tap for you tonight. Snuggle up real close with your […]
  • Troubles a brewin for a member of Megadeth, Seth Rogen can’t keep his absurd opinions to himself, wildebeests are brawling inside fast food pizza restaurants, and be careful who you give those flaming hot Cheetos to, you might just get fired. All that, so guests appearances, and surprise surprise New York City is still a […]
  • Wokies are mad that Joe Rogan called them on their bullshit, and the homeless are glad that people are commuting into New York City once again – they’re celebrating by biting, slashing, and robbing their way into the headlines. Bill de Blasio is taking a bite out of some Shake Shack, Mike Montone is taking […]
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