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  • Shakespeare; long accused of being for homos, is now accused of being a homophobe. Women don't know what sarcastic means. The pros and cons of polyamory. Marjorie Taylor Greene is a good girl. An Ivy League murder case with an interstate chase. Remembering Rush Limbaugh. Twt: @MikeMontone IG: @Gary_Moyler YT: Mike Montone Web: Meathead Media
  • There are a lot of awful things about the Super Bowl, but Tom Brady securing an embarrassing win for the Boomers over the Zoomers is not one of them. Reports have surfaced that the covid vaccine can turn you gay, but if true it could also be a path to peace in the Middle East. […]
  • You can't call it the Super Bowl, but don't worry we'll still be talking all about the big game. But before we get there I have to blow off some steam about the way the news industry handles snowstorms, and a weirdo who was picking his cuticles at the bus stop. Then we'll trace the […]
  • The incel bros went to war with the finance bros this week and someone Elon Musk, AOC, Donald Trump Jr. and Dave Portnoy got in the mix as well. I will give my brief and uneducated take on the Game Stop, AMC, Stonk situation. An oral tour through the NYC transit system complete with the […]
  • The Biden administration is in da house; we'll mark the occasion by taking a moment to review the wokefest and pearl clutch-off that was the presidential inauguration. Then more silliness on the part of the media when an innocent prank is pegged as an assault, and of course a break down of the New York […]
  • Did you know that storming the Capitol could get you laid? Neither did I, but apparently these MAGA broads are freaks. We'll delve into that, plus what to do if you have a hot wife, what to do if you married a pain in the ass who won't let you smoke weed, and a look […]
  • We're back from the holidays so let me tell ya bout a dump I took. We'll get caught up on the goings on of the last couple weeks including a Festivus miracle, talk a little football, and check in on the dumpster fire that the media spent 4 years fueling down in D.C. That plus […]
  • My sister joins me for our annual Christmas spectacular! We're stuffing your stocking with our most hated holiday traditions, questions about plot holes in popular Christmas movies, school shootings, and yet another take down of awful people at the gym. Twt: @MikeMontone IG: @Gary_Moyler FB: @TheSavageCrew
  • A girl kicked a football so we have to treat her like she's Walter Payton. My brother and his wife vacationed in the Catskills, I'll explain why that's so weird. John Leguizamo is a hypocrite for hawking the Papa John's Papadilla, and a Hungarian politician breaks lockdown to attend a big gay European orgy. All […]
  • Did you know that some NFL players actually drink before games? I'll explain why, plus a very sexy flight attendant sells her very dirty panties, the grumpy grinches at Buzzfeed hate Christmas, a terrible tweet goes viral and divides the internet, and so much more! In this episode of the Savage Sacktap! Twt: @MikeMontone IG: […]
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