The Savage Sacktap

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  • Some Euro sluts were baring all and making love with one another for our delight, and Will Smith spent quarantine growing out a couple D cups of his own. They’re real, they’re spectacular, we’re talking about all that, plus some super good news, and douche bag Bill de Blasio, on this episode of the Savage […]
  • People will tell you that you should still wear a mask outside even if you’ve been vaccinated. Those people are absolutely nuts. Stiff competition for the best story of the week; a school administrator dousing some nosy lib with a beer or a guy lining his neighbor’s property with doodie as payback for a property […]
  • The NYPD is finally making moves on the zombies in Midtown, and New York Gov Andrew Cuomo wants to talk to you about your tits. We’re tawkin lotsa New York on this one, then we’ll talk about the Buddhist monk who killed himself with a homemade guillotine. Tons of fun in store on this week’s […]
  • White Claw is making moves ahead of the White Boy Summer. We’re getting drunk enough to steal a news van and rub one out on an Elmo doll. We’re having all sorts of consensual fun on this week’s Savage Sacktap! Twt: @MikeMontone IG: @Gary_Moyler FB: @TheSavageCrew YT: Mike Montone Web: Meathead Media
  • What a week it’s been; Biden calls his son Honey, Marjorie Taylor Greene gets her pump on, Bhad Bhabie takes her clothes off, lesbian bars are in danger, and aliens could be the death of us all. We’re sorting it out and laughing in the face of doom on this week’s Savage Sacktap! Twt: @MikeMontone […]
  • Women's sports are terrible, soccer is for communists, but the USWNT still wants more money. A suggestion that could really help ESPN's baseball broadcasts. The latest cancellations, the hulabaloo surrounding Lil Nas X, and a very stupid statue in this week's Savage Sacktap. Twt: @MikeMontone FB: @TheSavageCrew IG: @Gary_Moyler YouTube: Mike Montone Web: Meathead Media
  • Covid has ravaged our nation's obese population, and Krispy Kreme is here to profit off of it. But before we get into all that I'll review a documentary that focuses on a frequent Sacktap topic 'polyamory'. Then we'll meet the latest victims of cancel culture, and take a trip to Miami for some fun in […]
  • Homer vs the 18th Amendment; the greatest Simpsons episode ever or the greatest Simpsons episode ever? Barstool does battle with the woke internet. Trump sails into Shiva with yacht nudes. It's a teen vs adult, knife vs taser fight on the subway. Teachers are on vacay now, but summer may be a different story. And […]
  • Turns out we just killed the economy and and spent a year in lockdown because some people don't believe in portion control or exercise. We also spent the last week dishing about the royal family's internal strife while ignoring the whole sex trafficking thing. Quite convenient. All that plus some chocolate poop and penises in […]
  • Are guys at your gym grunting like gay porn stars too? It's off putting to say the least. A look at this phenomena; then we check in on coronavirus. Are outdoor mask wearers out of their minds? Are we turning kids into pussies? Will the summer of 2021 be a carnal bacchanal the likes of […]
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