The Savage Sacktap

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  • Didn't get invited to Tim Whatley's Thanksgiving Eve Party and need some company on the most social night of the year? Need something to watch while you pound shots of Wild Turkey until you have the courage to tell your old HS crush how you feel? Looking for something to stream while you hang out […]
  • Defecating on the locker room floor, an act of criminal trespass, or just a hard working man trying to blow off some steam after a tough loss? We’ll investigate THAT and so much more tonight on the Savage Sacktap, a fresh episode of which starts right now! Twt: @MikeMontone IG: @Gary_Moyler FB: @TheSavageCrew YT: Mike […]
  • Some gave all and never returned home to their families again, others spent a 6 month deployment jerking off inside of an air conditioned trailer on a well defended FOB, and now enjoy a free meal from Applebees every 11th of November. Whoever you are and wherever you served, this one’s for you a fresh […]
  • Dildos in school! An awesome day in the annals of show and tell, or a curriculum update gone wrong? AND, does it make you a bitch to complain about sportsmanship after getting blown out in a high school football game? YES! Of course it does. All that, and Disney Princesses eating each other’s pussies in […]
  • Trick or treat, go on the internet and jerk off to pictures of women’s feet. But don’t indulge your fetish just yet. It’s the last show of October, and that means it’s the Savage Sacktap, Halloween Spooktacular, starting right now FB: @TheSavageCrew TWT: @MikeMontone IG: @Gary_Moyler YouTube: Mike Montone
  • Group sex ends in tragedy, and the hunt for Brian Laundrie ends in embrassment for Dog the Bounty Hunter. All that and much much more coming, it’s Friday night and the feelings right for podcasting and live streaming. Twt: @MikeMontone IG: @Gary_Moyler FB: @TheSavageCrew YT: Mike Montone
  • It’s 80 degrees again in October. But that won’t stop your girlfriend from dragging you to pumpkin patch to take pictures in a heavy flannel shirt. She’s doing it for the gram. I’m doing it for the people, a fresh episode of the savage sacktap starts now! Twt: @MikeMontone IG: @Gary_Moyler FB: The Savage Crew […]
  • Urban Meyer likes to have a good time, deal with it. We'll break down the game film from his viral video, discuss the pros and cons of throwing yourself from the roof of a building, dissect the latest uproar over Dave Chappelle's comedy, and get an update on the search from Brian Laundrie, in this […]
  • As I prepped this show, I was fighting back an explosive halal food shit, so I’m sorry but I was too distracted to write a clever cold open. The good news is I’ve passed the turd and white walled my hole with charmin. My keisters feelin fresh, and speaking of fresh, there is a fresh […]
  • Mother Nature has made the last month of summer pretty miserable with heatwaves, hurricanes, and flooding, but despite all that we are podcasting once more from the Jersey Shore. Closing out summer with cuckhold sports writers, Chinese world domination, and spa masturbators. Twt: @MikeMontone IG: @Gary_Moyler FB: @TheSavageCrew YT: Mike Montone Web: Meathead Media
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