The Savage Sacktap

Musings on the flaws of contemporary society from a meathead, masturbator, and U.S. Marine. Get new and depraved content delivered directly to your inbox.

  • A look at Thanksgiving Eve and Thanksgiving through the lens of coronavirus and critical race theory. Plus criminal defecation, shaming preggos for their gross bodies, and sexy sexy Soul Cycle instructors. Twitter: @MikeMontone IG: @Gary_Moyler FB: @TheSavageCrew
  • A longer episode than usual — call it a two parter combined into one episode. Mike breaks down his journey through the Marine Corps before digging through the bin for an old interview he did with his cousin who experienced first hand an insurgent attack that has gone down in Marine Corps history. Listen in […]
  • Everyone except me is freaking out about the election, let this podcast be your escape. We'll touch on the insanity before moving on to bicurious MILFs and snooty New Yorkers getting into elevator dust ups. Twt: @MikeMontone IG: @Gary_Moyler FB: @TheSavageCrew
  • I found a poop mask for $3 and have decided to wear it for today's show. Then I squatted, spread my cheeks and left a big mound of Jeff Toobin, Oklahoma Cannibal Castrators, and snooty New Yorkers on the floor beneath me. Twt: @MikeMontone FB: @TheSavageCrew IG: @Gary_Moyler
  • It's the annual Halloween Spooktacular! Mike gets a little cheebed up before discussing the year's best and worst costume ideas, plan B pills for chicks who dress as RBG, bad Borat imitations, and more. Then it's on to the Cowboys abysmal season, and a happy 20th anniversary to Mike's droopy eye. Facebook: @TheSavageCrew Twitter: @MikeMontone […]
  • We begin this week's episode with a stern finger wagging at all the ladies who think cold weather means it's time to get fat. Then it's on to Bill Burr's legendary SNL monologue, the folly of pumpkin ales, a big set of tits pouring out at 30,000 feet, political intrigue, and of course some NFL […]
  • This episode is a loving tribute to those who have spent the last four years screaming and dragging politics into everything and anything. I want you to know that you are heard, you are acknowledged, and here is my response; YOU'RE ALL OUT OF YOUR MINDS. Each and every one of you. That and why […]
  • The president has coronavirus, the debate was a debacle, and there's a brand new color out there to celebrate your old lady's time of the month. Checking out all of that plus big black dildos in this week's episode of The Savage Sacktap. Twt: @MikeMontone IG: @Gary_Moyler FB: @TheSavageCrew
  • Taking out a TV commercial to accuse your friend of being a pedophile — it's just one of the good ideas I had this week. We're also diving into a little NFL news, the Spotify staff's hilarious attempt to censor Joe Rogan, stupid things that kids do at school, and so much more. TWT: @MikeMontone […]
  • Are YOU ready for some football? Mike was, and he's thrilled that the season is underway. He's not so thrilled with the behavior of some so-called football fans who are acting like total cucks. Plenty of that plus sexy flight attendants and a big list of things that Asians are good at. Twt: @MikeMontone FB: […]
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