The Savage Sacktap

Musings on the flaws of contemporary society from a meathead, masturbator, and U.S. Marine. Get new and depraved content delivered directly to your inbox.

  • Are YOU ready for some football? Mike was, and he’s thrilled that the season is underway. He’s not so thrilled with the behavior of some so-called football fans who are acting like total cucks. Plenty of that plus sexy flight attendants and a big list of things that Asians are good at. Twt: @MikeMontone FB: […]
  • We bid farewell to summer and the bronze buns of the Jersey Shore, while welcoming the football season and standing up for Odell Beckham Jr. Then it’s a look at the pros and cons of brain chip technology, plus a pair of lewd tales that are sure to be the talk of high school reunions […]
  • Took some edibles before we recorded this one and my co-hosts for the day were also a bit intoxicated, so I don’t even remember what we talked about. What I vaguely remember is taking a walk down memory lane while providing socially unacceptable commentary with my siblings. It’s a little end of summer fun in […]
  • Props to the Falwells for getting their freak on — we’ll talk all about that, but first; RIP to NYC, public defecation in an intoxicating locale, getting your hands cut off, and stupid email signatures in this episode of The Savage Sacktap! Twt: @MikeMontone IG: @Gary_Moyler FB: @TheSavageCrew
  • Lot’s of trouble on the diamond this week sports fans — from hot mics to dingbats we have got one hell of a ball game in store for you tonight. We’ll also touch on BBWs, slumpbusters, schoolyard slang, and sexy lesbians from Nova Scotia.  Twt: @MikeMontone IG: @Gary_Moyler FB: @TheSavageCrew  
  • It’s a Wet Ass Podcast aka WAP, that’s what they call it in the streets. We’re touching all the bases this week; dumb white girls, unnecessary protests, stupid wedding photos, gay porn stars who wished they were VP candidates, and of course WAP. Join us won’t you. Twt: @MikeMontone FB: @TheSavageCrew IG: @Gary_Moyler
  • Mike is surrounded by shards of glass and hunting GILFs in the latest episode of the Savage Sacktap. A tropical storm brought things literally crashing down after a lovely weekend on the beach. Then we tip our caps to Trader Joe’s and issue a hearty ‘shame on you’ to all the fellas out there who […]
  • Mike encounters a major douche bag at the Port Authority, and speaking of public transportation, big ups to the MTA for sharing smut in their Google searches, very hip! It’s a walk down masturbation memory lane before a cautionary tale about nefarious tech companies. Then we’ll close it all out with a trip to Thailand, […]
  • Mike wants you to quit proselytizing, shut up, and eat your potato salad. We’re tired of hearing everyone’s political opinion, we just wanna munch some rug, that’s the thesis of this week’s show. Sexy old broads are throwin that ass on instagram while ugly old broads are hiring hit men. That plus a murderous manifesto […]
  • Mike fucks up the show intro, and mispronounces a number of words, but it’s smooth sailing otherwise. This week we take a look at the most pathetic character from the American Pie movies, while explaining why your girlfriend will get jizzed on when she goes away to college, before delving into the finer points of […]
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